What is the installation slope angle of the synthetic resin tile

Synthetic resin roof tiles have outstanding self-waterproofing performance. The suitable slope for installing synthetic resin roof tiles is 20° to 80°, and waterproofing layer can be omitted. If the roof slope is steep, more than 45°, two more screws can be added per square meter when installing synthetic resin roof tiles, which will make the tiles more secure when facing strong wind and rain. The size of the slope directly affects drainage. If there is water accumulation on the roof, it will certainly lead to leakage. Therefore, the slope of the ridge of the roof is usually larger, around 60°, which is conducive to rapid water flow. The slope is reduced at the eaves, around 30°, and the inertia of the water flow can be used to rush out from the tiles, which can accelerate drainage and reduce the chance of leakage by 80%.



Synthetic resin roof tiles have large single-piece area, fast transportation and installation, and few joints. When used on suitable slopes, no waterproofing layer is needed. Synthetic resin roof tiles have long service life, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, fire insulation and sound insulation, making them an ideal tile for sloping roofs!