What are the advantages of synthetic resin tiles

Synthetic Resin Tile Color Durability: Synthetic resin tiles use high weather-resistant engineering resins as the surface material of the tiles. This high weather-resistant resin is very suitable for outdoor use and has extraordinary durability in natural environments. Even if it is exposed to ultraviolet light, moisture, heat, cold and shock for a long time, it can still maintain its color stability.



Synthetic Resin Tile Good Sound Insulation Effect: In terms of sound insulation, synthetic resin tiles can effectively absorb noise or reduce the penetration of noise when subjected to external noise such as rain, hail, strong winds, etc., through sound level measurement tests.


Synthetic Resin Tile Excellent Corrosion Resistance Performance: The synthetic resin and super-high weather-resistant engineering resin of the synthetic resin tile body will not be eroded by rain and snow, resulting in performance degradation. At the same time, it can resist various chemical substances such as acids, bases and salts for a long time. Therefore, it is an ideal roof material for coastal areas with strong salt spray corrosion and serious air pollution. Various microorganisms cannot survive on the surface of synthetic resin tiles, preventing erosion and destruction caused by microorganisms.



Synthetic Resin Tile Volume Stability: Synthetic resin tiles have low expansion coefficient and two-way stretching performance, which can ensure the geometric size of tiles unchanged even if the temperature changes greatly.


Synthetic Resin Tile High Fire Resistance: The main resin of synthetic resin tiles is a flame retardant product, and its fire resistance performance has reached Grade B1 after testing by the national fire department.


Synthetic Resin Tile Light Weight: The load borne by synthetic resin buildings increases safety. It is especially advantageous in the renovation of old buildings, and is convenient for handling and construction, saving transportation costs and reducing construction costs.


Synthetic Resin Tile Resistance to Accidental Loads: Synthetic resin tiles have good resistance to accidental loads and pressure resistance. In areas with low temperatures and frequent snowfalls, even if there is often snow on the roof, there will be no wear and tear on the surface of the tiles and no cracking. Under the condition of supporting interval 660mm, when the weight is increased to 150kg, the tile has no cracks and is not damaged.


Synthetic Resin Tile Insulation: Another technical feature of synthetic resin tiles is non-conductivity, and it will remain intact even if there is an accidental discharge.