Do you regret using synthetic resin tiles

Some people say, “Regret after using synthetic resin tiles”. Ask, “How is the quality of synthetic resin tiles, is there any after-sales guarantee?”



My answer is, “Xingfa synthetic resin tiles are anti-corrosion, insulation, heat insulation, easy to install, life span of 30 years… Xingfa synthetic  resin tiles are guaranteed for 30 years and can sign a warranty book.”



Recently, during our customer follow-up, I was particularly impressed by an over-60 customer. “When I was buying synthetic resin tiles, I had many doubts, just like everyone else: are synthetic resin tiles really heat-insulating? Will they fade? Will I regret it after I install them? Will they really last 30 years? etc. Although I had many doubts, I was pressed for time, so I chose to trust, and Xingfa Synthetic  Resin Tiles didn’t let me down. It’s been six or seven years and there hasn’t been a single problem.” After hearing this customer’s statement, I understood one thing: no matter how much you say, it’s not as good as trying it yourself. 


Now, if someone asks again: how good are synthetic resin tiles? I won’t say “good” or “not good”, the reason is simple: you won’t know until you use it!