Unveiling the key factors behind the price of synthetic resin tiles.

Synthetic resin tiles are the most commonly used roofing material in modern times, and the issue of product homogenization is prevalent in the synthetic resin tile industry, leading to significant price differences. Prices can range from as low as a dozen yuan per square meter to over sixty yuan per square meter, showing a lack of consistency. In reality, the production of synthetic resin tiles involves multiple processes, and each manufacturer in the research, production, and sales processes may have certain differences. Below, we will list the factors that influence the price.


The standard thickness of synthetic resin tiles is typically 2.0mm to 3.0mm. Some unscrupulous manufacturers may pass off thinner tiles as thicker ones to reduce costs and prices, but this can shorten the lifespan of the tiles.

Raw material proportions:

In the raw materials of synthetic resin tiles, ASA engineering resin powder is more expensive than calcium carbonate powder. Some unethical manufacturers may add more calcium carbonate powder to reduce costs, which can result in tiles that are prone to breakage, fractures, and aging.


Use of recycled materials and fillers:

Some unethical manufacturers may use recycled materials and fillers to cut costs. This can lead to the production of substandard synthetic resin tiles with a significantly reduced lifespan, lacking resilience, and prone to breakage, bending, and corrosion.


Cutting corners in manufacturing:

Standard synthetic resin tiles should have a four-layer structure to demonstrate excellent durability and corrosion resistance. However, some unethical manufacturers may cut corners and produce tiles with only two to three layers, failing to meet quality standards, resulting in poor weather resistance and a shorter lifespan.


Variations in labor and utility costs:

The price of synthetic resin tiles is also influenced by each manufacturer’s production processes, research and development expenses, factory rent, labor, utilities, and other costs. Different manufacturers have different costs, leading to variations in synthetic resin tile prices. Additionally, prices of synthetic resin tiles may vary in different regions.

It is evident that the price of synthetic resin tiles is influenced by multiple factors. When selecting synthetic resin tiles, consumers need to consider various factors comprehensively to ensure the purchase of high-quality and reasonably priced synthetic resin tile products. Only through a comprehensive assessment can one choose synthetic resin tiles that offer outstanding quality and attractive prices.

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