Installation Guide for Synthetic Resin Tiles: Avoid Common Mistakes to Ensure Perfect Results

Synthetic resin tiles, as a new type of environmentally friendly roofing material vigorously promoted in the country, have been widely applied and promoted in urban and rural areas. However, despite the excellent product performance, if installation details are not emphasized, leading to non-standard installation, excessive spacing, insufficient overlap, and excessive compression, it may result in issues such as leakage, cracking, and shortened lifespan.

Considerations during the installation of synthetic resin tiles:

  1. Ensure that the installation workers hold relevant certificates and qualifications to ensure they possess professional knowledge and skills. They must wear appropriate personal protective equipment during the installation process.
  2. In case of adverse weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy rain, installation should be done cautiously. Adverse weather may affect the quality and safety of the installation.
  3. When workers walk on the synthetic resin tiles, they should try to step on the middle part of the tile to avoid stepping on the edges, to prevent damage or displacement of the tiles.
  4. Avoid direct contact between synthetic resin tiles and strong acidic or alkaline substances to prevent damage to the tiles.
  5. Do not excessively bend synthetic resin tile panels to prevent damage to the tiles.
  6. The thermal expansion and contraction characteristics of synthetic resin tiles are different from steel, so proper expansion space should be reserved during installation, and attention should be paid to embedding depth to prevent tile deformation and breakage.
  7. It is recommended to use specialized tile hooks and pressure pads during installation, especially at the eaves of the tiles. Using pressure pads can ensure tight connections between the tiles.
  8. Use neutral glass adhesive and suitable cushioning materials to prevent water penetration and leakage issues. This can enhance the waterproof performance of synthetic resin tiles.

Therefore, to ensure a long lifespan for synthetic resin tiles, besides purchasing high-quality tiles from manufacturers specializing in synthetic resin tiles for 18 years, proper installation is also crucial.

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