Synthetic resin tile customization guide: various sizes to meet your needs!

The wide application of synthetic resin tiles has become a highlight in the construction field, and customized sizes provide more possibilities for various construction projects. You may ask: “What size can synthetic resin tiles be made in?” Let’s find out together!

Generally, synthetic resin tiles come in two common standard sizes: the total width is 1050mm and the effective width is 960mm; the other is the total width is 880mm and the effective width is 800mm. These two sizes of synthetic resin tiles can be flexibly used in a variety of construction projects, providing a variety of options for your roof.

The advantage of synthetic resin tiles is not only the flexible customization of sizes, but also its rich colors and long-lasting durability. It has multiple functions such as fire protection, waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, hail resistance, etc. It is also a green and environmentally friendly material, easy to install, beautiful and durable.

Therefore, synthetic resin tiles are widely used in “flat to slope” projects, villas, self-built houses, residential quarters, new rural construction, renovation and renovation of old houses, antique buildings, factories, villas, awnings and awnings, etc. Whether at home or abroad, synthetic resin tiles have been widely welcomed and used.

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