Super strong resin tile

Super resin tile is an upgraded product of synthetic resin tile. What are its advantages compared with the first generation of products? Let’s take a look.

  1. Non-toxic and tasteless
  2. Excellent corrosion resistance

The main resin and surface resin of super polyester tile have excellent corrosion resistance, are not subject to rain and snow erosion, and can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances for a long time. The experiment shows that the product does not deform and discolor in 40% n2oh and 40% H2SO4 solution for 24 hours.

  1. Excellent waterproof performance
  2. Easy installation
  3. Environment-friendly super polyester tile

Under low temperature (- 400 ℃) freeze-thaw cycle, 1kg steel ball falls freely without fragmentation; At room temperature (23 ± 20 ℃), a 1kg steel ball falls freely at a height of 3m, and the tile surface is free of cracks and through-holes.

6: Specification: 12} width 0.88m/1.05m, each section 0.22m/0.23m/0.25m, 3mm thick, guaranteed for 25-35 years

The above contents are the five advantages of super resin tile introduced by Xiaobian. I believe you are familiar with this material, if you need to know more about resin tile.

Foshan Xingfa Tile Industry Co., Ltd. Resin Tile

  1. It has excellent fire resistance and is a non-self-igniting flame retardant material;
  2. Chemical corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fast heat dissipation and good lighting performance. Compared with galvanized tile, the service life is extended more than 3 times;
  3. Light material, good toughness, convenient carrying, convenient construction, labor and time saving;
  4. Low noise, due to its unique material, noise in rainstorm
  5. Good heat insulation performance, heat transfer resistance, fast heat dissipation, suitable for working environment
  6. Compared with color steel tile and galvanized tile, the service life is increased by more than 3 times
  7. The material is light in weight, good in toughness, convenient in carrying, time-saving, labor-saving, efficient and convenient in construction
  8. Asbestos-free material, harmless to humans and animals, no release of carcinogens, the most environmentally friendly

Super resin tile manufacturers can include everything from the whole city to individual buildings, from living environment to information. Because human civilization is constantly developing on the basis of imitating the natural world and the laws of the natural world. Until modern times, especially the creation of submarines was also the result of bionic research. People have gained enlightenment from the characteristics of birds and fish, and have made unprecedented new achievements. The construction of synthetic resin tile is not only an old subject, but also a new trend of scientific research. Similarly, from ancient bird’s nests and caves to the presentation of various architectural types, there are traces of imitating nature