Revealing the fatal flaws of synthetic resin tiles: Do you know about?

In recent years, synthetic resin tiles have become a new star in the building materials market with their beautiful appearance and wide range of application scenarios. However, just like two sides of a coin, although synthetic resin tiles have many advantages, they also hide some fatal flaws. Today, we will reveal these defects and give you a more comprehensive understanding of synthetic resin tiles.

First, synthetic resin tiles are not suitable for all roofs. Its design structure determines that it is not suitable for flat roofs and long-span roofs, because such a design makes it easy for excessive water to accumulate when the slope is too low or the roof is too large, leading to water leakage problems. Therefore, when choosing synthetic resin tiles, the slope and size of the roof must be taken into consideration to avoid water leakage.

Secondly, the weather resistance and high temperature resistance of synthetic resin tiles are also one of their fatal flaws. When exposed to ultraviolet rays and high temperatures for a long time, resin tiles are prone to aging, deformation and even cracking, thereby reducing their aesthetics and service life. In addition, the thermal expansion and contraction of synthetic resin tiles under extreme temperature conditions will also exacerbate this problem, further affecting its stability and durability.


In addition, synthetic resin tiles also have problems such as vulnerability to chemical erosion, incompatibility with extreme weather conditions, flammability, and negative impact on the environment. These defects may not only affect the safety and stability of the building, but may also pose potential risks to the environment and human health.

Therefore, when choosing synthetic resin tiles as building materials, we must fully understand its advantages and disadvantages and take corresponding preventive and protective measures in practical applications. Only in this way can we maximize the advantages of synthetic resin tiles, minimize their disadvantages, and ensure the safety, beauty and durability of the building.

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