A must-see when building a factory roofing! Color steel tiles vs. synthetic resin tiles, which one is more durable?

When considering building a factory roofing, choosing the right materials is crucial. Today, let us talk about two popular options: color steel tiles and synthetic resin tiles.

Color steel tiles, as the first choice for temporary factory construction, are indeed cost-effective. However, during long-term use, we may encounter some problems, such as rust, water leakage, etc., and its service life will also be limited.

The synthetic resin tiles is completely different! Not only can it withstand harsh environments such as acid rain and ultraviolet rays, but it can also maintain stability for decades. Synthetic resin tiles perform well both in terms of wind resistance and durability.


If you want your factory building to be durable, choosing synthetic resin tiles is definitely a wise choice. It can not only provide long-term protection for your factory, but also reduce later maintenance costs and protect your investment.

Before making a choice, be sure to consider the life cycle and environmental characteristics of the factory. I hope today’s post can help you~

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