The difference between PVC anti-corrosion tiles and synthetic resin tiles can be divided as follows

Pvc roof tile, also known as plastic steel tile, is an alternative product of color steel tile. Multi layer co extrusion composite technology is adopted, with anti-aging layer added on the surface and wear-resistant layer added on the bottom to improve the weather resistance of the product.

The synthetic resin tile is developed from high-quality PVC resin and imported super weather resistant engineering resin ASA. It is durable, corrosion resistant, colorful, anti-aging, and has a skeleton layer in the middle. The product has good toughness and high rigidity.

Features of Pvc roof tile

  1. The price is relatively affordable;
  2. It is a fire-retardant material with Class B1 fire safety performance;
  3. Good chemical corrosion resistance, more than 3 times longer than color steel tile life;
  4. Impact resistance and tensile strength;
  5.  Low noise, which can be reduced by more than 30 db compared with metal and roof panel
  6. Convenient installation, time-saving and labor-saving;
  7. Bright and colorful colors;
  8. No asbestos component, no carcinogen release.

Disadvantages: Compared with traditional synthetic and resin tiles, Pvc roof tile are slightly less stable to light and heat, and are easy to fade when used outdoors, but in order not to affect their performance.

Characteristics of synthetic resin tile

Synthetic resin tile has all the characteristics of Pvc roof tile, and is superior to pvc anticorrosive tile in anti-corrosive performance, with more durable color, longer service life and higher price.

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