How to replace resin tiles in old houses in rural areas

Old tile houses in the countryside generally have their own history for many years, and the problems they exist are studied more and more. A little wind and rain will cause tiles to fall off and leak. Long-term development needs to renovate the roof, which is not laborious! In this era of continuous learning and progress, the earthen tiles are obviously very backward, and resin tiles are the representative works of the new era of tiles. It is necessary to replace the old houses in the countryside with resin tiles. How to replace them? The following are several important steps:



1. Clean the old tiles on the roof of the old house, clean it up, and check whether the wooden structure can still be used. If there are decayed beams, they need to be replaced;

2. The design requirements of the resin tile beams should be kept within 66 cm. If our original beams are too wide, we need to add beams. If the original beams are suitable and they have no signs of corrosion, resin tiles can be laid directly on them;

3. Deal with the slope angle of the roof, such as ditches, soaking, etc., and fix the accessories used in these places;

4. Install resin tiles. After the main tile is installed, install the right ridge tiles and other accessories, and use the special waterproof fixture for resin tiles.



Key reminder: Take safety measures for the old tiles of the old house. After all, it is an old house, so pay attention to safe construction. Resin tiles are very light and will not increase the weight of the original house structure, which is very suitable for the renovation of old houses.