How many types of synthetic resin tiles are there?

The size of the XINGFA resin tile can be customized according to the multiple of the pitch, and the pitch of the XINGFA resin tile is 219mm per pitch. Of course, the pitch length will be slightly different depending on the manufacturer. What are the sizes of the synthetic resin tiles? The width of the synthetic resin tiles has two kinds, 1050 millimeters and 880 millimeters. After 1050 millimeters are connected, it is actually 960 millimeters, and after 880 millimeters are connected, it is actually 800 millimeters.



We recommend that when installing, the spacing between the 1050 millimeter tiles should be between 200-750 millimeters, and the spacing between the 880 millimeter tiles should be within 200-660 millimeters. If the spacing between the tiles is too large when installing the resin tiles, it may cause the roof to collapse when the weather is hot. The thinner the resin tiles purchased, the less the spacing between the beams when building. The thickness has several conventions, such as 2.0 millimeters, 2.5 millimeters, 2.8 millimeters, 3.0 millimeters, and 2.5 millimeters. The wave length is usually 160 millimeters and the wave height is 30 millimeters.



For example, the Xingfa resin tile manufacturer can customize the product width, thickness, color, etc. according to the customer’s needs, and the quality and after-sales of the resin tiles are guaranteed.