How to install PC transparent tile?

PC transparent tile is a new type of light tile with high cost performance and easy installation. Its tile joint is convenient and does not leak water. Because of its light weight, it does not need to be supported by heavy steel frame structure, and its environmental protection and energy saving performance is almost perfect. Outdoor aging resistance can be used for ten years, and the light transmittance can reach more than 80%. PC transparent tile is made of polycarbonate as raw material, which is a high polymer containing polycarbonate bond.



The product has high light transmittance, strong impact resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and anti-aging, which is favored by the decoration industry.

PC transparent tile installation method:

1. The tiles on the upper and lower sides of the board A and board B are connected to each other, and the self-tapping screws are fixed without moving, paying attention not to use too much force to prevent the wave pattern tile from deforming.

2. The boards are connected immediately left and right. Attention should be paid to the order of connection. The uphill starting board should be on the top of the downhill road board, not on the bottom, so as to facilitate the drainage pipe. The connection length is suggested to be more than 15 cm, and the saddle buckle should be fixed without moving. The inclination should be more than 15 degrees. The lintel spacing should be controlled within one meter, and the lintel spacing in the three provinces of the northwest and northeast with heavy snow and wind should be controlled within 0.7 meters.