Factory building resin tiles must have good plasticity

Factory resin tiles must have good plasticity, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. At present, XINGFA synthetic resin tiles can meet these requirements. Due to the process and performance, the plasticity of resin tiles is much better than that of steel plates and iron materials, and resin tiles are easy to cut. Due to the high plasticity of resin tiles, all the requirements of the manufacturers can be met. For example, synthetic resin tiles are easy to produce, which is independent of the thickness, shape and color in production, and synthetic resin tiles are produced in steel roof resin tiles. This is difficult to achieve, the cost of steel tiles is huge, and it is harmful to the environment. In terms of environmental protection, synthetic resin tiles have more advantages.



In daily maintenance, the maintenance cost of steel structures is four times that of resin tile materials. As resin tiles are exposed to air, they will inevitably be affected by various corrosion, water, acidity, temperature, etc., but synthetic resin tiles do not have this problem. Resin tiles are waterproof, acid, alkali and salt resistant, which can save a lot of maintenance costs. In terms of thermal insulation, synthetic resin tiles are more effective than steel.



The characteristics of synthetic resin tiles are that they are light materials, lighter than steel plates, iron materials, etc. This reduces the bearing requirements of buildings, and with the rise of oil costs, transportation costs have also increased. The “upward trend” of oil prices has become an unavoidable cost price, and the transportation of light synthetic resin tiles is more convenient and cheaper than steel and other heavy reconstruction materials, which is also an irreplaceable advantage. Due to the excellent quality of the material itself and the convenience of movement, synthetic resin tiles have become a new material for factory roofs.