How to choose a good resin tile?

Synthetic resin tile is a new generation of lightweight and environmentally friendly building materials that the state vigorously promotes and promotes. Its products are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and renewable. Its unique performance advantages have won the attention and recognition of the construction industry, and the market prospects of synthetic resin tile products are very broad. Therefore, there are many synthetic resin tiles on the market, but many resin tile manufacturers in order to reduce costs and prices, cut corners and deceive consumers. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good synthetic resin tile. At present, many synthetic resin tile products are emerging in the domestic market. In order to let consumers have a correct understanding and choice of resin tile, resin tile manufacturers teach you how to identify fake resin tile: The specifications of synthetic resin tile are generally 0.72M and 0.88M, the thickness is 3mm, and the weight per square meter is 6kg. When purchasing standard synthetic resin tile, the relevant test report of the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center should be presented (no sales in the market without the test report of the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center):



1. Artificial aging test report (artificial aging 10000 hours is equivalent to more than 20 years of actual use); 

2. Low temperature drop hammer (0℃, 1H) test report (1 kg steel ball free fall from 1 meter height on the tile surface, no cracks, after 10 low temperature drop hammer impacts, no damage to the product. After 10 freeze-thaw cycles, there is no empty drum, bubbling, peeling, cracking, etc.); 



3. Fireproof building material test report (A2.6 “Design Fire Protection Specification for Interior Decoration of Buildings” B1 grade or above plastic combustion performance determination). Standard synthetic resin tile has good load-bearing performance. After testing by the National Building Materials and Components Quality Supervision Station, there is no damage under the condition of 750mm support spacing and 150kg uniform load. Poor quality synthetic resin tile workers will break when stepping on the tile during construction.