High-Quality Resin Tiles: Worth the Price, Full of Advantages!

Synthetic resin tiles are an environmentally friendly building material manufactured using advanced production equipment and technology, primarily made from imported high-weather-resistant engineering resin ASA. Its reliable quality has earned it high praise and support. Synthetic resin tiles have many advantages when used on roofs, making them popular among consumers and manufacturers.

Excellent quality synthetic resin tiles can better absorb and reduce the impact noise of rainwater on the roof, and they have better UV reflection capabilities. To achieve this, the mineral particles on the surface of the resin tiles are designed in irregular arrangements, ensuring not only a peaceful living environment for residents but also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the roof. The finished quality of synthetic resin tiles depends crucially on the production components and processes. For example, factors such as the proportion of calcium powder in the formula, whether the surface uses imported ASA, and whether the raw materials are new or recycled all have a decisive impact on cost and quality.

Some customers may wonder, when they see resin tiles with similar appearances and thickness at other local resin tile dealers, what sets them apart? It can be clearly stated that with the popularity of resin tiles, there are more and more manufacturers, leading to a variety of prices. Some manufacturers offer cheaper products, but our factory has been producing resin tiles since 2005, being one of the earliest resin tile manufacturers in the country, focusing on producing mid-to-high-end quality resin tiles. All the raw materials we use are brand new, and we provide comprehensive after-sales support and warranties, tracking user usage regularly. This is why our products are of higher quality compared to those offered by local dealers. Please do not compare them with resin tiles made from recycled materials and high-carbon powder, as the quality is not on the same level at all. We believe every resin tile consumer wants to choose products of good quality and value, rather than just chasing low prices. Although saving a few dollars per square meter, if there is no warranty and they crack after two or three years, the cost of replacing the tiles will be higher. Why not invest a bit more initially and enjoy high-quality tiles with a 25-year warranty?

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