Effect drawing of roof synthetic resin tile resin tile

The roof is covered with moss, leaving traces of years; once the roof is windy and rainy, the tiles are easily misplaced and fall off, causing leakage. It is very dangerous to go into the room to repair and repair the tiles. Therefore, it is suggested to renovate the roof with resin tiles.



 The best way to solve this kind of roof is to rebuild and replace the tiles. The new environmental protection synthetic resin tile has the characteristics of rich color, durable, beautiful appearance and more practical function, which is the best choice for replacing tiles in rural house renovation. Secondly, the resin tile single board has a large area and fast installation speed. One resin tile can cover several square meters, with less overlap, no need to worry about rain leakage, perfectly solving the traditional small green tile paving, small area, misplacement, leakage and other problems; in addition, the service life of Xingfa synthetic resin tile is up to 30 years. Self tapping screws are used to fix the tiles, which are firm and not falling off. During use, there is no need to maintain and repair the tiles. It can resist strong wind, hail, lightning (the product insulation is non-conductive). 



The application of resin tile in rural house renovation. From a distance, the roof is brand new, without the traces of moss. It will not be associated with the words “old” and “old”. The beautiful resin tile roof gives people a new and beautiful feeling.