Which roofs are PVC anti-corrosion plastic tiles suitable for?

What kind of roofs are suitable for PVC anti-corrosion plastic tiles? First, let’s understand the features of PVC anti-corrosion plastic tiles, such as easy installation, fire insulation, anti-corrosion, light weight, sound insulation and noise reduction, which are suitable for roofs such as warehouses, markets, sheds, steel structure factories, etc.



PVC anti-corrosion plastic tiles have PVC semi-transparent tiles, PVC anti-corrosion insulation tiles, APVC anti-corrosion weather-resistant composite tiles, PVC anti-corrosion tiles, etc., with different types of products, different usage fields, service life and prices.

Single-layer PVC anti-corrosion tiles are cost-effective, and we mostly use them for temporary buildings to achieve the effect of wind and rain protection and beautiful urban and rural areas; PVC anti-corrosion insulation tiles have good insulation effect and long service life, and can be used in acid-base-salt environment for a long time; APVC anti-corrosion weather-resistant composite tiles, as the name implies, are anti-corrosion, can be used in various environments, and are not easy to fade. This is especially suitable for use in highly corrosive environments, such as chemical plant buildings, etc.



ASA-PVC ultra-weather-resistant composite tiles have better materials than APVC anti-corrosion weather-resistant composite tiles, and have the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance, color stability, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, antique appearance, and color stability, which are suitable for use in highly corrosive plant buildings and acid rain areas.