Which is better, resin tile or color steel tile

Accompanying the rapid development of high-tech, the roofing materials have become more and more varied, no longer being the same old mud-steel structure or ceramic tiles that cost a lot of money. At present, the roofing materials favored by consumers in the sales market include color steel tiles and resin tiles. Many consumers want to know which one is better. 



When consumers choose roofing materials, they all want to spend the least money, have a large total construction area, and have the shortest construction time and the longest use time. Both color steel tiles and resin tiles have the characteristics of light weight, simple installation and cost savings. In addition, resin tiles also have the advantages of durability, low carbon environmental protection, rich colors that do not fade, beautiful and generous layering, waterproof, insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, fire safety, insulation layer, etc. It is an ideal material for permanent engineering building flat roof decoration design and waterproof. 



Resin tiles are cheaper than color steel tiles and more resistant to acid and alkali. If the color steel tiles are used for a long time, they may be corroded and cause leakage. In the middle and later stages, they must be maintained and repaired frequently, and the cost of inspection is high, and the application cycle is short. In addition, when color steel tiles are used in hot temperatures in summer, the indoor air will be relatively hot, while resin tiles have the characteristics of heat insulation and keeping warm, and many days are warm and summer is cool. Without saying more, I firmly believe that smart consumers will have the best choice!