Which is better, PVC plastic tiles or color steel tiles?

  Nowadays, many people build a canopy on the balcony when building a house, which can shelter us from wind and rain, and also prevent falling objects from the upper floor. So the question is, which is better for home use, PVC tiles or color steel tiles? PVC tiles and color steel tiles are two commonly used tiles for building canopies, and they are both rich in color and light in weight. People who are not familiar with these two tiles may think that they are not different, just for sheltering from wind and rain. In fact, in terms of material, PVC tiles are plastic products, and color steel tiles are iron products, which have different properties. 



  PVC tiles are a new type of environmental protection building materials, with good corrosion resistance, and they are difficult to react with salt, alkali and other chemicals, and have a long service life; however, the corrosion resistance of color steel tiles is much worse, and they are easily rusted and cracked in daily environment of sunshine and rain.