Which is better, pvc anti-corrosion tile or color steel tile? What’s the difference?

This year, the real estate industry has been making continuous progress, and building materials have been changing. Now PVC anti corrosive tiles are widely used in factories and other environments, and they look similar to color steel tiles. So consumers often ask: which is better, PVC anti corrosive tiles or color steel tiles? What is the difference?



Color steel tiles, also known as color pressed tiles, are made of color coated steel plates. Color steel tiles are convenient to use, but they have poor snow pressure resistance, wind resistance, durability, thermal insulation and sound insulation effects, and high maintenance costs. If you use color steel tiles for a year, they may become warped and deformed.



If we compare PVC anti corrosive tiles with color steel tiles, then PVC anti corrosive tiles definitely have better performance in various aspects, such as strong compression resistance, corrosion resistance, and lighter weight than color steel tiles. Moreover, PVC anti corrosive tiles do not contain asbestos, are environmentally friendly, and do not pose any harm to people’s health.



In fact, both PVC anti corrosive tiles and color steel tiles have their own advantages. Generally speaking, PVC anti corrosive tiles are more practical in various aspects. However, as consumers, we can choose the product that is more suitable for our own use environment and budget.