Which is better, colored steel tile or resin tile?

With the rapid development of high-tech, roof materials are becoming more and more diverse. They will no longer be the same concrete steel frame structure or ceramic tiles that consume time and money. At present, the roofing materials that are favored by consumers in the market include color steel tiles and synthetic resin tiles. Which of the two is better? Many consumers want to know…

When consumers purchase roof materials, they all want to spend the least amount of money, have a larger building area, the shortest construction time, and the longest use time… Both color steel tiles and resin tiles are lightweight , simple installation, cost-saving characteristics, and synthetic resin tiles also have the characteristics of toughness, low carbon and environmental protection, rich colors and long-lasting, beautiful and elegant design, strong sense of texture, waterproof, tough, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, corrosion resistance , impact resistance, earthquake resistance, fire safety, insulation layer and other advantages, it is an ideal material for flat roof decoration design and waterproofing of various permanent engineering buildings.​

Synthetic tile roofing materials are cheaper than color steel tiles and are more resistant to acid and alkali. Rusty steel tiles are likely to be corroded and cause water seepage after being used for a long time. They require frequent maintenance and renovation in the middle and later stages. The maintenance cost is high and the service life is short. . Moreover, the color steel tiles are used in the hot weather in summer, and the indoor air will be hotter, while the resin tiles have the characteristics of heat insulation, making it warm in many days and cool in summer. Not much to say, I believe that smart consumers will have the best choice!

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