Which is better, asa resin tile or pvc tile?

When buying any goods, comparisons are made between them, and resin tiles are no exception. Nowadays, roof tiles have broken away from the traditional tile form, and synthetic resin tiles have been recognized by the majority of consumers. So, which is better, synthetic resin tiles or glazed tiles? Next, let’s understand together with the Xingfa resin tile manufacturer. 



1. Comparison of functions: Resin tiles have the characteristics of self-corrosion resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing, and wind resistance. In terms of installation, they are beautiful in appearance and bright in color. Synthetic resin tiles are widely used in various building roof decorations. Glazed tiles are rich in color, high in strength, good in flatness, acid and alkali resistant, and fold resistant, but not weather resistant. This kind of glazed tile occupies a large space, but the building area is small and cannot be recycled. 



2. 2. From the appearance and material point of view: Synthetic resin tiles are made of ASA weather-resistant engineering resin tiles and PVC wear-resistant resin. It is formed by high-tech co-extrusion process, with strong anti-corrosion performance. Glazed tiles are made of high-temperature fired clay, which is easy to crack in cold and hot, heavy in bricks, and not suitable for long-distance transportation. From the above two aspects, we can simply conclude that synthetic resin tiles are the current purchasing considerations. When you buy roof tiles, you should meet the actual situation of your roof. After all, each tile has its own advantages and disadvantages.