What size screws should resin tiles be used with?

The customer asked: How long should the resin tile screws be suitable for?



 Use 75mm stainless steel screws (7.5cm), because the wave height of the resin tile is 30mm, use 75mm screws to wave, the remaining 40mm screws are enough to fix the resin tile. After purchasing the synthetic resin tile, our sales personnel will explain how many screws are needed per square meter of resin tile? The standard spacing of the purlin is 60-70mm (the answer is to make 5-6 screws). Steel structure screws and wood structure screws pictures. But in special cases, if the customer wants to cover the color steel tile or color steel insulation tile with synthetic resin tile, it is not clear whether the length of the screw is suitable? Xingfa resin tile manufacturers suggest not to cover color steel tiles, because color steel tiles are conductive, so heat will accumulate between color steel tiles and resin tiles, which will cause deformation of resin tiles, that is, deformation. Long-term heat accumulation during cold shrinkage will shorten the service life of resin tiles.