What is the specification of the resin tile?

Tree resin tile installation is convenient, the color is durable, light in weight, corrosion-resistant, heat insulation, windproof and anti-seismic, anti-hail, insulated, green and environmentally friendly, and the shape is beautiful, which is widely used for permanent building roofs. Some customers are not very clear about the specifications of tree resin tiles. Here is an introduction to the common width and length of tree resin tiles.



The specifications of tree resin tiles are determined by the fixed size of the mold, which unifies the style and width. The common width of tree resin tiles has two kinds: one is 880mm, and the other is 1050mm. When installing tree resin tiles, a wave needs to be set up, which means that two tree resin tiles are connected in a wave shape. Except for the connection part, the effective width of tree resin tiles is, for example, 800mm after 880mm connection, and 960mm after 1050mm connection. The larger the connection width, the more material can be saved. Nowadays, most factories make 1050 models, which save materials compared to 880 models. The length of tree resin tiles can be customized according to customer requirements.



We remind you that when installing tree resin tiles, the spacing between 880 specifications must be controlled within 660mm, and the spacing between 1050mm must be controlled within 750mm. If the spacing is too large, the roof may collapse when the temperature is high.