What is the purlin spacing of the resin tile

Most customers buy resin tiles through the building materials market, but they find that many resin tile manufacturers do not have after-sales service. Customers do not understand the installation and length connection of resin tiles. How long is the connection length of resin tiles? Let’s take a look. 



If we install resin tiles with a width of 880 mm, then the spacing of our lintel is 660 mm. If we install resin tiles with a width of 1050 mm, then the spacing of our lintel is 750 mm. We install the main tile according to the local wind direction in reverse. In this way, the connection length between two tiles in the transverse direction is 80 mm, including the ridge tile connection, and the connection length in the vertical direction is the pitch of one tile, and the lintel contact part at the connection is fixed with self-tapping screws. 



Resin tiles do not need to be connected within 12 meters, but if they exceed 12 meters, we need to connect them, with a connection length between 200 and 400 mm, and we must apply sealant at the connection between two resin tiles. When connecting resin wave tiles, we need to connect two wave tiles, but for roof tiles, wall panels, and ceiling series, we only need to connect one wave tile; the length connection (vertical connection) cannot be less than 100 mm.