What is the difference between PVC tiles and resin tiles?

Nowadays, resin tiles and PVC tiles can be seen everywhere in cities, rural areas, suburbs, etc. Looking back, the beautiful and exquisite tile roofs instantly attract the eye. So, what is the difference between PVC tiles and resin tiles? Let’s explore it together with the editor today.



1. Different raw materials

PVC tiles: The main raw material is polyvinyl chloride resin (abbreviated as PVC), supplemented by UV anti-ultraviolet agents and other chemical raw materials.

Resin tiles: It is divided into natural resin tiles and synthetic resin tiles, and the resin tiles on the market are generally synthetic resin tiles, which are developed with high weather resistance engineering resin ASA material. ASA is a terpolymer composed of acrylonitrile, styrene and acrylate rubber.



2. Characteristics of PVC tiles and resin tiles


PVC tiles: Fireproof, anti-corrosion, impact resistant, tensile resistant, not easy to crack, UV resistant, long life, low noise, light weight, easy to install and transport, no asbestos components, no carcinogenic substances released.

Resin tiles: Durable color (even under long-term exposure to harsh conditions, the color of resin tiles can still be maintained stably), long life, light weight, good bearing capacity, good sound insulation effect, excellent corrosion resistance, can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals for a long time. Strong external impact resistance, green environmental protection, insulation, fireproof, easy to install.



So, if it is a factory roof and the budget is not so much, PVC tiles can be chosen. If it is for home use or the budget is sufficient, resin tiles should be chosen.