What color is the most durable resin tile?

Synthetic resin tiles are popular among people because of their rich surface colors and beautiful shapes. There are many colors of resin tiles, but which color is the most durable? The most durable colors are jujube red, brick red and gray, which are also popular and durable. In addition,Xingfa resin tiles also have blue, green, yellow and other colors (customization).



1. Jujube red, brick red and other colors of resin tiles are popular in China, which are eye-catching and in line with Chinese aesthetics.

2. Gray resin tiles look simple and low-key.

3. Young people prefer blue resin tiles, which are suitable for use in scenic spots, amusement parks and other places to attract people’s attention.

4. Ink green resin tiles are used more in some garden construction.



Friends should arrange to purchase in advance according to their own schedule, and recommend the use of Xingfa resin tiles, which can be customized in color.