What are the thicknesses of synthetic resin tiles

What thicknesses are available for synthetic resin tiles? The thicknesses of synthetic resin tiles are 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm. If it is a regular synthetic resin tile manufacturer, the manufacturer will have strict standards, and each synthetic resin tile will be inspected multiple times before leaving the factory, so as to ensure sufficient thickness for the manufacturer to deliver. Of course, now some customers require customized thickness, and we can also make 2.0 mm and 2.8 mm.



Moreover, synthetic resin tiles are not necessarily better with thicker thickness. If it is authentic and high-quality synthetic resin tiles, the product’s toughness and strength are large, and the service life is long, anti-aging and weather resistance.



If it is inferior synthetic resin tiles, because there are many fillers in the material, some of which are recycled materials, such tiles are easily deformed when made thin, and the strength is insufficient and easy to break. Some manufacturers want to make the thickness of inferior synthetic resin tiles thicker to improve the product quality and mislead consumers that the thicker the synthetic resin tiles, the better the quality.



The quality of the product is determined by the raw materials. No matter how thick the inferior synthetic resin tiles are, they cannot change the fact that they are not durable. When we purchase synthetic resin tiles, if we do not have the ability to distinguish the quality of synthetic resin tiles, it is recommended to purchase from a reliable manufacturer, such as Xingfa Synthetic Resin Tile Manufacturer.