The summer is hot and the roofing needs a new look! Enjoy coolness and comfort

As summer approaches, the scorching sun shines mercilessly on our roofs, making us feel unbearably hot. In such a season, it is particularly important to choose suitable roofing materials, and resin tiles are one of the star materials. Not only does it provide effective sun protection and heat insulation, it also has many advantages to make your summer life more comfortable.

First of all, resin tiles have excellent sun protection and heat insulation properties, which can effectively block direct sunlight and reduce roof temperature. Compared with traditional clay tiles, cement tiles and even color steel tiles, the thermal conductivity of synthetic resin tiles is only 0.325W/m.k, which means that it has excellent thermal insulation performance, which is 1/310 of clay tiles and 1/310 of cement tiles. 1/5, 1/200 of 0.5mm thick color steel tile. Therefore, even without adding an insulation layer, synthetic resin tiles can achieve ideal thermal insulation effects.

Secondly, synthetic resin tiles have good weather resistance and durability, can withstand long-term sun and rain without fading or aging, and maintain long-term beauty. Compared with traditional roofing materials, synthetic resin tiles are lighter and stronger, easier to install, and have low maintenance costs. They provide reliable protection for your roof and allow you to enjoy a longer service life.


In addition, synthetic resin tiles also have excellent waterproof properties, which can effectively prevent rainwater leakage and protect the roof structure from damage. In rainy weather in summer, choosing resin tiles as roofing materials can allow you to spend every rainy day with confidence and no longer worry about roof leaks.

Choosing synthetic resin tiles in summer is not only responsible for your own comfortable life, but also for the protection and care of the environment. Come and upgrade your roof, so that the hot summer will no longer be hot, but cool and comfortable, and you can enjoy the sunshine and breeze!

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