The main reason for promoting synthetic resin tiles

Why are synthetic resin tiles being promoted in many places now? And why is the main target of promotion still residential areas? There are several aspects to this: the current housing development mode and supply and demand relationship have changed, the excellent quality and performance of housing has become increasingly important in people’s lives, and the era of building houses without worry of selling has gone and will not return.



This is because the traditional building style of old houses is difficult to be reflected in the current form. In the past, there were problems such as short life span, quality issues, and difficulty in maintenance. With the acceleration of urbanization and industrial structure adjustment in our country, the proportion of building materials will continue to increase. Synthetic resin tile is an excellent roof building material with good performance, which conforms to the current trend of sustainable development. At present, there are many high-rise buildings, high-rise buildings and super high-rise buildings in big cities, with high development intensity of high volume rate. According to the current service life of roof building materials, how will these houses be transformed after 50 or 60 years? In the past two years, there have been many large-scale demolitions and constructions in China. The average life of civil buildings is only 30 years. Some houses were even demolished before the start of construction. The acceleration of GDP growth in China has also led to a lot of resource and energy waste.



It is also a product that can be reused. Therefore, the use of synthetic resin tiles as roof building materials can achieve energy saving and emission reduction. At the same time, synthetic resin tiles are durable, colorful, with strong three-dimensional sense, which conforms to the characteristics of Chinese architectural culture. Synthetic resin tiles also have the advantages of stable volume, corrosion resistance, good water resistance, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, light weight, and convenient installation. The long service life of synthetic resin tiles avoids the trouble of tile maintenance in the process of using the house.



It is these reasons that lead to the promotion of synthetic resin tiles, which also promotes the development of energy saving, environmental protection and recycling. The goal of transformation and upgrading should be to create synthetic resin tile products with long life span, excellent performance, green and low-carbon, so that people can be pleased with them.