Safety first! Choose synthetic resin tiles with strong fire resistance to ensure the safety of your family!

Synthetic resin tiles are high-quality building materials widely used in residential homes, villas, resorts, and other construction fields. Not only do they have an attractive appearance, but they also possess multiple advantages such as waterproofing, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, explosion resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, wind and earthquake resistance, and insulation. Particularly in high-temperature areas, their strong fire resistance performance is highly regarded. Now, let me explain the significance of the fire resistance performance of synthetic resin tiles.

In terms of combustion, the fire performance of synthetic resin tiles is characterized by being difficult to ignite and extinguishing when removed from the fire, achieving a B1 fire resistance rating. Additionally, the flame spread, burning speed, and heat release are all very low. This can effectively prevent fires and ensure the safety of buildings. Furthermore, synthetic resin tiles have a small expansion coefficient and stable volume. Additionally, the tile shape has bi-directional tensile properties, meaning that even in situations with significant changes in environmental temperature, they can expand and contract on their own, maintaining geometric stability in high-temperature environments.

Moreover, when most materials burn, they produce a large amount of smoke, which not only poses a threat to human health but also hinders evacuation and firefighting efforts. In fires, smoke is often the main cause of casualties. The engineering resin ASA used in synthetic resin tiles is a flame-retardant product that does not ignite or self-ignite at high temperatures, does not promote the combustion of other materials, and forms a smoke exhaust belt, effectively reducing the phenomenon of poisoning among personnel in disasters.

Therefore, when choosing synthetic resin tiles, in addition to considering their various performance aspects, fire resistance is also a very important indicator. It is essential to select resin tile manufacturers that have been certified by the ISO9001 international quality system and have undergone fire testing and other inspections. This ensures the quality and reliability of resin tiles, as well as excellent fire resistance and non-toxic characteristics, truly meeting the requirements of green and environmentally friendly building materials.

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