Rural resin tile modeling pictures

Introduction: What is flat-to-slope? Flat-to-slope is the transformation of a flat roof into a sloped roof, with the original roof structure unchanged, and a lightweight steel structure sloped roof added to the flat roof to improve the thermal insulation, heat insulation, appearance, etc. of the roof, and beautify the urban landscape. Nowadays, resin tiles can be seen everywhere in the flat-to-slope project, so resin tiles can also be seen everywhere in our daily life. Here is the resin tile case of Xingfa Tile Industry rural roof resin tile modeling picture:



Finally: Using synthetic resin tiles for roof transformation has the advantages of no falling off, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient installation, firm and reliable, strong weather resistance, beautiful modeling, service life up to 30 years, fire insulation, etc., which can effectively shorten the construction period of flat-to-slope project, save manpower and material resources, and beautify the city after transformation.