PVC anti-corrosive tiles or color steel tiles? What’s the difference?

This year, the real estate industry has made continuous progress, and the building materials have also been changing. Now, PVC anti-corrosive tiles are widely used, and are suitable for the environment such as factories. Their appearance is similar to that of color steel tiles. So some consumers ask: Which is better, PVC anti-corrosive tiles or color steel tiles? What’s the difference?


Color steel tile, also called color profiled tile, is made of color coated steel plate. The color steel tile is easy to use, has poor snow resistance, poor wind resistance, poor durability, poor thermal insulation effect, high maintenance cost and poor sound insulation effect. Color steel tile may bend and deform after one year of use.


If we compare PVC anticorrosive tile with color steel tile, the performance of PVC anticorrosive tile in all aspects must be slightly better than that of color steel tile, with strong compression resistance, corrosion resistance, and lighter weight than color steel tile. And the PVC anticorrosive tile does not contain asbestos, which is green and environmentally friendly, and has no harm to human health.


In fact, PVC anti-corrosion tile and color steel tile have their own advantages. In general, the practicability of PVC anti-corrosion tile should be better. However, as consumers, we can choose more suitable products according to our own use environment, budget costs and other aspects.

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