Not all tiles are expensive! What determines the price of resin tiles

Nowadays, resin tiles are becoming more and more well-known and popular. With the development of technology, the types of tiles are gradually enriched. So, what does the price of tiles depend on? In fact, whether it is traditional tiles, modern tiles, or former clay tiles or now plastic tiles, the price of tiles generally depends on three major factors. So let’s talk about the three major factors today.



Firstly, it is necessary to have large manufacturers. Many people always feel that manufacturers are larger when buying products, so a lot of costs are wasted on advertising. But in fact, this is not the case for building materials. For many building material manufacturers, except for some patented products, the production process is generally the same, but large manufacturers often win by investing in more advanced equipment and better raw materials, which small manufacturers cannot match. Moreover, the products produced by large manufacturers have corresponding quality inspections, and the products received are of quality without worry, but small manufacturers focus on cost, so the quality inspection is often rough. Large manufacturers are not wasting costs, but ensuring quality!



Second is the quality, size and thickness of tiles. Resin tiles with a thickness of 2.8mm, currently on the market, the quality is poor, about 30 yuan per square meter. The relatively good quality is about 50 yuan per square meter, made of ultra-high weather resistance engineering resin ASA, the thickness is up to the standard 0.15mm, the quality of such tiles is guaranteed, and the service life is also increased.



Finally, there is after-sales service. Now many industries are emphasizing service, under the same product situation, service is the key to success! For construction, there will be certain material losses in the decoration process, some need to be supplemented, or need later maintenance, small manufacturers often cannot guarantee this kind of after-sales service, so the cost will not be saved!

Overall, you get what you pay for. When we choose resin tiles, we must choose a reliable manufacturer and brand!