Moist weather is not a problem! Resin tiles easily handle the challenge!

The damp weather always makes people feel uncomfortable. The walls are covered with water droplets, the floor becomes slippery, clothes are difficult to dry, and mold is easily bred. In this weather condition, it can also cause erosion to the house. Some people may worry whether resin tile roofs will be affected or collapse in this weather.

Firstly, resin tiles have good waterproof performance. Due to their dense and impermeable nature, they do not absorb water and are not susceptible to erosion in damp weather, so there is no need to worry about their stability. However, if the damp weather persists for a long time or the humidity is very high, it may cause water droplets to appear on the surface of the resin tiles. If you are concerned about water droplets appearing on the surface of resin tiles, you can consider the following solutions:

  1. Lay a waterproof layer under the resin tiles.
  2. Increase indoor ventilation, such as setting up ventilation layers or steam drainage channels, to provide an outlet for moisture entering the insulation layer, especially suitable for rooms with high humidity.
  3. Install a vapor barrier (vapor membrane) and create an overhead air layer on the roof.

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