Is it good to use resin tiles for old house renovation

Ten or even dozens of years ago, most of the old houses used traditional clay tiles as roofing materials, and within two or three years, problems such as falling off and leaking rain had already occurred. In the past, repairing and replacing tiles on the roof was a common task in the countryside. Now, finally, there is a kind of tile that can solve this troublesome problem: “Old house renovation with resin tiles!” This is what the people in the countryside say.



The old houses in the countryside are relatively poor in bearing capacity. If tiles need to be repaired and replaced frequently, there is a great safety hazard. The best solution is to renovate and replace tiles. Resin tiles are very light, unlike traditional tiles, which can greatly reduce the load of the house; resin tiles are impact-resistant and explosion-proof, with special screws for fixation, which will not easily fall off, unlike traditional tiles, which are easily broken and fall off; resin tiles have outstanding thermal insulation performance, with warm winter and cool summer effects, which other tiles cannot match; resin tiles have strong corrosion resistance and a service life of more than 25 years. Once installed, resin tiles are maintenance-free, which can be said to be a one-time and permanent solution.



Nowadays, most of the people living in the countryside are elderly and children, and repairing and replacing tiles has become a big problem. Young people working outside are also not at ease. Since the advent of resin tiles, a family can finally live in peace and contentment! Resin tiles are also green and environmentally friendly building materials promoted and advocated by the state. Resin tiles can be recycled, fireproof, soundproof, and provide a safe and comfortable environment for the family.