Installation method of daylighting tiles

As a building material that can improve the lighting of buildings, daylighting tiles have been deeply loved by individuals and widely used in various fields. The lighting tile is beautiful and colorful, energy-saving and environmental protection, and has good light transmittance. It is a widely used lighting measure now. The lighting tile installation is not complicated, but some details should be paid attention to.

  1. Before fixing the lighting tile, a pilot hole is required, and the hole diameter must be greater than 50% of the diameter of the fixing screw to avoid the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and cold shrinkage from expanding and cracking the lighting tile.
  2. The daylighting tile is fixed with aluminum profile fasteners, and the corrugated daylighting tile is connected and fixed with daylighting tile bracket and self-tapping screw, and then sealed with glue. The lighting tile is generally set in the middle of the span.
  3. When the lighting tile and steel plate are overlapped longitudinally, there must be at least 200mm overlap, and two waterstops shall be pasted.
  4. There must be a cover plate for the connection between the daylighting tile and the self-tapping screw. The solar panel has large cold and hot deformation and is easy to be cut by self-tapping screws. Therefore, the solar panel should have large holes at the place where self-tapping screws are punched. The flexibility of the daylighting board shall be considered when installing the daylighting board.
  5. When the lighting tile is fixed, a good flashing washer must be used to make it between the screw and the lighting plate, so as to prevent water and dust. After inserting the flashing washer into the screw, lock it into the purlin with an electric drill, and then complete the fixing of the daylighting plate.
  6. There is no need to overlap the lighting tile within 12m, and it needs to be overlapped if it is more than 12m. The overlapping length is 200 – 400mm. Two layers of sealant are applied at the overlapping point. The horizontal overlap does not need to be closed. The overlap of the longitudinal color steel plate needs to be based on the plate shape. The common profiled steel plate is not considered to be closed. It is directly fixed with the color plate with self-tapping screws, and the sealing glue is applied. The bite plate needs to be closed.
  7. During the construction of the daylighting tile, it is strictly forbidden to step on the wave crest directly to prevent the daylighting board from cracking. A 1200mmx300mm (length x width) anti-skid thick plank must be placed at the horizontal position of the daylighting board, and the guide hole and fixing screw of the daylighting board must be stepped on it.

The above are the installation methods and precautions of the lighting tile. The standard installation can ensure the quality of the lighting tile. If you have any questions, please contact us, Foshan Xingfa Tile Industry, a manufacturer of new environment-friendly roofing materials.

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