Installation Guide for Synthetic Resin Tiles: Make Your Roof Safer!

Synthetic resin tiles are a type of lightweight, waterproof, fire-resistant, earthquake-resistant, and wind-resistant roofing material with excellent performance. They are suitable for various roof structures, including cast-in-place reinforced concrete sloping roofs, wooden sloping roofs, and steel structure sloping roofs, among others. When installing synthetic resin tiles, the following points should be noted:

  1. The roof base should be flat and firm to ensure the quality of the installation of water bars and tile hanging bars, thereby guaranteeing the installation quality of synthetic resin decorative tiles.
  2. For cast-in-place reinforced concrete sloping roofs, expansion joints should be provided with a width of 20mm and spacing of 3-4m, filled with joint material. For wooden sloping roofs and steel structure sloping roofs, appropriate spacing for tile hanging bars should be selected to allow for 3-5mm expansion joints between boards, and bolts, galvanized nails, or wood screws should be used to connect boards to purlins or roof beams.

  1. When installing water bars, they should be fixed on embedded parts before hanging bars are secured on them. Fixing methods can include welding, bolts, or self-tapping screws, depending on the specific situation.
  2. During construction, ensure that the laying sequence, overlapping sequence, and construction specifications of synthetic resin tiles meet the relevant requirements to ensure installation quality.
  3. In regular maintenance, inspect the installation condition of synthetic resin tiles and check for any damage on the tile surface. Promptly repair or replace damaged tiles to extend their service life.

In conclusion, when choosing synthetic resin tiles as roofing material, select the appropriate roof structure based on the actual situation, and pay attention to details during construction and regular maintenance to ensure the safety, aesthetics, and durability of synthetic resin tiles.

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