Inspection Method for Synthetic Resin Tiles

The general national standard of synthetic resin tile is 0.72M and 0.88M, with a thickness of 3MM and a weight of 6KG per square meter. When purchasing the standard synthetic resin tile, the relevant inspection statement of the national chemical building materials inspection base will be presented (no inspection statement from the national chemical building materials inspection base is not allowed to be sold in the market):



1. Artificial aging inspection statement (artificial aging 10000 hours equivalent to actual use for more than 20 years)


2. Low temperature drop hammer impact (0℃, 1h) inspection statement (a 1 kg steel ball drops from a height of 1 meter on the tile surface without cracking, and the low temperature drop hammer impact 10 times without damage. After 10 freeze-thaw cycles, the product is free of air bubbles, blistering, decontamination, cracks, etc.). The standard synthetic resin tile has a very good load-bearing capacity. After inspection by the national building materials and component quality supervision station, no damage will occur under the support distance of 750MM and the uniform load of 150KG. Poor synthetic resin tile workers will break when working on the tile.



3. Fireproof building materials inspection statement (interior decoration fireproof regulations A2.6 plastic combustion performance determination B1 or above)


4. The standard synthetic resin tile can resist various chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt for a long time. The experiment is soaked in salt, alkali and acid below 60% for 24 hours without chemical reaction. Poor synthetic resin tile surface layer uses its pigments will have chemical reactions, even discoloration.