Improving the quality of PVC anti-corrosion tiles is the main direction of enterprise development

As the anti-corrosion tile industry continues to develop, the competition in the anti-corrosion tile market has also reached a white-hot stage. Now, faced with endless competition pressure, anti-corrosion tile enterprises have gradually reached a consensus to seek breakthroughs with innovation. For anti-corrosion tile enterprises, in the current anti-corrosion tile market, innovation is the only way to win long-term development. In recent years, with the intensification of market competition in the anti-corrosion tile industry, seeking development with innovative thinking has gradually become an important part of the enterprise strategy. Indeed, in a highly homogeneous market, innovation has become the only way to differentiate strategies. Although the importance of innovation to enterprises is self-evident, before innovation, enterprises still need to ensure the quality of products.



In fact, no matter how luxurious the decoration of the anti-corrosion tile brand store is; no matter how high-end and exquisite the material of the anti-corrosion tile product is; no matter how advanced the marketing and communication channels are, for the end consumers, the ultimate hope is that the anti-corrosion tile is “beautiful” and “quality is stable”. In other words, they are beautiful and durable. Yes, this is like IKEA’s slogan. For consumers, we also hope that the price of anti-corrosion tile is more transparent and real; hope that the logistics and distribution of anti-corrosion tile is more convenient and smooth.


In recent years, people’s demand for FRP anti-corrosion tile has been increasing, and people’s understanding of FRP anti-corrosion tile has also been improving. In today’s era of industrial rise, plastic anti-corrosion tile’s good anti-corrosion performance has become the market leader in the roof building materials industry. Plastic anti-corrosion tile not only has an important role in industry, but also is a very important roof anti-corrosion building material in daily life. So how do we judge the quality of anti-corrosion tile? For anti-corrosion tile, the degree of thickness is one of the factors that determine the quality of anti-corrosion tile.



The thickness of anti-corrosion tile is determined according to user requirements. The conventional thickness is greater than 1.5mm, with a service life of about 15 years. The uneven thickness reduces the service life by half. The quality of anti-corrosion tile is uniform in thickness and bright in color. The weight of 1 meter anti-corrosion roof panel is about 2kg. The above weight is for reference only. The actual weight shall be consulted by telephone. The model and weight are different.


PVC anti-corrosion tiles are resin glass fiber composite boards. The material has bright colors, good corrosion resistance, high strength and low cost, and is currently welcomed by people from all walks of life. The quality of anti-corrosion tiles mainly depends on whether the material and thickness are cut corners. In terms of raw materials, the quality of raw materials seriously affects the service life of anti-corrosion bricks. Good anti-corrosion tiles have no bubbles, no glass fiber leakage, pure colors, no flowers, no egg-shaped patterns.



The thickness of anti-corrosion tiles is directly related to the quality of anti-corrosion tiles. The thicker the anti-corrosion tiles, the stronger the anti-corrosion type. But the specific anti-corrosion tiles should be determined according to the needs of each manufacturer. The four-wall thick and thin anti-corrosion tiles that are popular recently. I don’t know if you have seen it. I will explain to you how dangerous the four-wall thick and thin anti-corrosion tiles are. The thickness of this kind of anti-corrosion tiles depends on its surface being quite thick, and the thickness of the caliper is also a special standard, even exceeding the thickness set by the user, and the price is cheaper than all anti-corrosion tiles. Tell us a secret. As long as these anti-corrosion tiles are weighed, they must be light, or cut. In the middle of the measuring diameter, you will know the actual thickness of the anti-corrosion tiles. The quality of anti-corrosion tiles is still the main development direction of anti-corrosion tiles enterprises.