How to solve the leakage of resin tile roof?

Some customers have reported that water droplets appear on the resin tile roof in winter. Why is this? How can we deal with the water droplets on the resin tile roof?



Xingfa Tile Industry’s small editor answers for you: Because in winter, the outdoor temperature is low, but the indoor temperature is high, when the cold and hot air flows meet, this will produce water droplets, which we call “condensation” phenomenon.



Resin tiles are waterproof and non-absorbent. Because of the “condensation” phenomenon, the water droplets will drip down, which shows that the waterproof performance of resin tiles is good. This “condensation” phenomenon can also be solved. Today, the small editor will teach you three methods to deal with the water droplets on the resin tile roof:

1. Lay a waterproof layer under the resin tile to provide a thermal insulation layer for the roof.

2. Increase indoor ventilation, which can be solved by using an exhaust fan.

3. Make an overhead layer on the roof, an air separation layer, which can effectively solve the condensation phenomenon.



Resin tile is a green and environmental-friendly building material, which can be recycled, has good thermal insulation and heat preservation, and has the effect of keeping warm in winter and cool in summer.