How to install synthetic resin tiles

1. Tools and accessories for installing resin tiles

A. Installation tools: portable electric drill, engineering wire, portable cutting machine, wrench, portable polisher, tape measure, electric drill bit sleeve, steel ruler.

B. Accessories: protective pad, waterproof cap, self-tapping nails, waterproof ring, screws, stainless steel angle hook.

C. If drilling errors occur during construction, mix resin glue and resin powder to replenish the holes.

2. There are requirements for synthetic resin tile roofs

A. The roof slope of synthetic resin tiles should be between 20 and 80 degrees.

B. Purlins can be made of square tubes, C-shaped steel, or anti-corrosive wood. The spacing between purlins is required to be 660mm.



3. Installation sequence of synthetic resin tiles

Installation order:

A. Pay out the line

Before installation, lay out the wiring according to the on-site conditions to ensure that the tiles are installed horizontally and vertically, with good installation quality and aesthetic effect.

B. Install purlins

Depending on the situation, do anti-rust treatment.



C. Install main tiles on sloped roofs

D. Install ridge tiles

E. Install inclined ridge tiles

F. Install tee

G. Deal with roof protrusions

H. Eaves