How to distinguish the quality of synthetic resin tiles

Synthetic Resin tiles have a good appearance and long service life, which are favored by everyone and belong to products with good market development prospects. Therefore, some unscrupulous manufacturers have started to enter the resin tile market, and various low-priced and inferior products have caused serious negative effects on resin tiles. Today, Xingfa Tile Industry will share with you how to distinguish the quality of resin tiles?



First, the weight of synthetic resin tiles. 

The main raw material of genuine resin tiles is PVC, with a specific gravity of about 1.8, which means that if we weigh one square meter of resin tiles, if the weight/volume ≈ 1.8, it can prove that the main material of the resin tiles is PVC. If the weight/volume > 1.8, a lot of other fillers may have been added to the resin tiles, which cannot guarantee the service life of the product, and will make the brittleness of the resin tiles larger and easier to break. Most of these resin tiles are used for simple temporary buildings.


Second, fire test for synthetic resin tiles.

 If the surface is genuine ASA resin, we ignite the resin tiles. Once the fire source is removed, the flame will be extinguished immediately, which is a high-quality resin tile. If the fire source is removed, the flame will become bigger and bigger, and there will be a pungent smell, which is a fake and inferior resin tile. The reason is that inferior resin tiles can only add a lot of plasticize, which have the effect of aiding combustion. Such resin tiles have poor weather resistance and are prone to fading, cracking and deformation.



Third, feel and tap. 

High-quality resin tiles have a dull feeling when tapped; while inferior resin tiles have a heavy feeling when felt, and the sound of tapping is crisp.


Fourth, look at the appearance. 

The outline of the resin tiles is clear and the color is uniform.