How to distinguish the quality of resin tile?

In recent years, resin tiles have entered thousands of households in the roofing material market. Resin tiles can be seen everywhere in life, but the quality of resin tiles varies. Today, I will teach you how to distinguish the quality of resin tiles. 



1. Look at the appearance of the resin tiles, then tap the resin tiles. Good resin tiles have clear outlines and luster. We can also feel or tap the resin tiles. High-quality resin tiles are very light, tapping will have a dull feeling, and inferior resin tiles will be very heavy, and the tapping sound will be very crisp. 


2. Burn the resin tiles with fire, ignite a small corner of the resin tiles, then remove the fire source, and the flame will immediately extinguish. Inferior resin tiles will have a pungent smell. Because cold-hearted manufacturers have added elasticizes to the products, which have the effect of helping combustion. 



3. Use a truck to press the resin tiles. High-quality resin tiles will not be damaged, while inferior resin tiles can be broken with pliers without the need for a truck, especially fragile. 


4. When purchasing resin tiles, look for regular manufacturers. Big brand manufacturers have national standard test reports, quality assurance certificates, and after-sales can be guaranteed. Xingfa resin tiles are produced through regular channels, bringing you a good living experience. 



Xingfa resin tiles are relatively affordable, and Xingfa resin tiles can be guaranteed for 30 years, and can also be color-preserved for 10 years, and can actually be used for 40-50 years.