How to calculate the amount of synthetic resin tiles for roofing?

In the early years, there were projects such as the Flat-to-Slope Engineering and the construction of new rural areas. Now, synthetic resin tiles are popular all over the south and north of the Yangtze River. Now, many friends who build houses will choose synthetic resin tiles, but some friends say they don’t know how to calculate the amount of synthetic resin tiles. Today, the small editor of Xingfa Synthetic Resin Tile will teach you a simple way: 



1. Calculate the area of the roof: length × width; 

2. Total width of tiles needed: building area of roof ÷ 0.8 (effective management width of tiles is 0.8m/sheet); 

3. Number of synthetic resin tiles: (roof width ÷ 0.8m) × 2; 

4. Number of ridge tiles: roof structure width ÷ 0.8m (effective data length of ridge tiles is 0.88m/sheet); 

5. Number of hanging eaves: total length of eaves edge is 0.48m (length of hanging eaves is 0.48m/piece); 

6. Self-tapping screws: 4-6 pieces per square meter. 



In fact, when we buy synthetic resin tiles, we just need to provide the size of the roof, etc., and the sales personnel of Xingfa Synthetic Resin Tile factory will help you calculate the actual control amount of the roof. Some large synthetic resin tile factories can also provide free design and construction, on-site management guidance and installation, so that you can save time and effort in the process of purchasing and using synthetic resin tiles, and the price is also affordable.