How much is the resin tile per square? How should it be installed? How long is the service life?

Has the traditional tile in your home been weathered for a long time? Do you mend every year? Are you considering replacing tiles? Many people will start to wonder which tile to choose. The appearance of the old tile is not beautiful enough. At this point, most people want resin tile. But there are still many people who don’t know enough about its features and price, so they are worried about their price. So, how much is the resin tile on the market? how to install? How long is the service life?



Next, let’s talk about the resin tile market. After reading this article, we will not be cheated when we buy tiles. First of all, we need to know what kind of resin tiles are divided into natural resin tiles and synthetic resin tiles. We often see resin tiles on the market, generally referring to synthetic resin tiles. The invention has the advantages of environmental protection, long-lasting color, thermal insulation, waterproof, fire prevention, anti-corrosion, light texture, convenient installation and the like.



Then I will tell you what you are most interested in, that is, what is the price and how many years can it be used for? The surface of a good resin tile is weather-resistant engineering resin, and the thickness reaches 0.15mm stipulated by the national standard. Therefore, the material quality, performance and service life of the tile are very superior. Of course, the raw material is good, and the price will naturally be much more expensive. The price always revolves around the value. There are also cheap resin tiles on the market. This kind of tile is easy to fade, easy to break, not resistant to aging, and has a short service life. In addition, the price of resin tiles is also affected by regional consumption levels. Different thicknesses and specifications, different prices (colors can be customized).



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