How much is a square meter of resin tile roof?

Synthetic resin tiles have the advantages of beautiful shape, rich colors, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, fire insulation, etc. In 2023, many civilian self-built houses are using synthetic resin tiles. So, how much does a resin tile roof cost per square meter? In the building materials market, the price of roof resin tiles ranges from 20 yuan to more than 50 yuan per square meter. The price difference is so large because some unscrupulous merchants grab the market for profiteering and use inferior materials to produce resin tiles. The quality and service life of this resin tile are not guaranteed, and the price is low, but there is no value! If you choose the wrong roof tile and have problems such as water leakage, it will affect the overall structure of the house. Therefore, when purchasing resin tiles, we need to pay more attention to quality! If you don’t have the ability to distinguish between inferior and superior resin tile products, it is recommended to choose a reliable resin tile manufacturer, look at the scale, look at the service, look at the after-sales, such as Xingfa resin tile manufacturer… For the question of how much a resin tile roof costs per square meter, you can find Xingfa resin tile manufacturer. Xingfa resin tile manufacturer not only provides you with construction drawings, but also provides you with professional and cost-effective purchase and construction schemes. It can also customize the color and thickness of the product according to your requirements, and create a beautiful, safe and comfortable new house for you.