How many screws are used per square meter for resin tiles?

The use of resin tiles has a short construction time, high safety performance of the house, high decorative value of the house, and long service life of tiles and houses. Compared with traditional tiles that are easy to break and fall off, resin tiles are fixed with self-tapping screws, which are safe and firm. So how many screws are there per square meter of resin tiles? Especially in areas with frequent earthquakes and year-round wind and rain. Safety and firmness are one of the main reasons for choosing resin tiles. 



Generally, four screws per square meter of resin tiles are enough. 



If the tiles are overlapped, we usually need to strengthen the screws at the overlap. Some installers like to use screws with high hardness and easy to drill. In fact, these screws are rich in carbon, easy to drill, but lack toughness. If exposed to wind, sun or expansion of resin tiles, it is easy to break. When installing resin tiles, it is necessary to pay attention that the hole of the tile must be larger than the diameter of the screw by 2mm, and the nut should be tightened properly, not too tight. Leave space for thermal expansion and contraction of tiles, and add soft waterproof rubber gasket between tiles and screws. This can prolong the service life of tiles and screws and avoid roof leakage. Remember, standard installation is an important link to ensure the quality of resin tiles.