Fire performance of synthetic resin tiles: safety under high temperatures

Synthetic resin tiles are widely used and can be seen in residential buildings, villas, resorts and other fields. Some public places, such as hospitals, hotels, stations, etc., also like to choose synthetic resin tiles as roofing building materials. Because in addition to the advantages of retro and beautiful appearance, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-explosion, thermal insulation, sound insulation, wind and shock resistance, and insulation, synthetic resin tiles also have a very prominent advantage, which is strong fire resistance.

Synthetic resin tile is a building material made of ultra-high weather-resistant engineering resin ASA. It has many advantages such as retro appearance, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-explosion, thermal insulation, sound insulation, wind resistance, earthquake resistance, and insulation. However, one of its most striking properties is its superior fire resistance.

In terms of combustion, synthetic resin tiles are classified as one of the building materials that are not easy to burn. According to the fire protection rating, synthetic resin tiles usually reach B1 level, which means that when exposed to flames, they burn slowly, are not likely to produce open flames, and are extinguished immediately after leaving the fire. This characteristic enables synthetic resin tiles to effectively slow down the spread of fire and reduce losses caused by fire.


In addition to combustion performance, synthetic resin tiles also have good mechanical properties. Its expansion coefficient is small, its volume is stable, and it can maintain good shape and structural stability even in high temperature environments. This means that synthetic resin tiles will not deform or crack when exposed to high temperatures, further enhancing their safety in fires.


In addition, synthetic resin tiles produce less smoke when burned and do not release toxic gases. In a fire, synthetic resin tiles can also form a smoke exhaust zone, further reducing the harm of smoke to personnel and improving escape efficiency.

In general, the fire resistance of synthetic resin tiles is reliable and powerful. In high-temperature environments, it will not spontaneously ignite, nor will it intensify the burning of other materials, providing reliable safety protection for buildings. Therefore, when choosing building materials, especially in high-temperature areas, synthetic resin tiles are undoubtedly an ideal choice, which provides a reliable guarantee for the safety and fire resistance of the building.

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